3 Reasons to use Cryo-Lift®

Optimize viability

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Operator Safety

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User friendly control

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Increase viable storage period

Every operator knows how critical it is to keep samples stable. Time and temperature are critical during the process of accessing them. Cryo-Lift® ensures a fast and safe way of extracting the product and reduces sample exposure to ambient air. Another way of shortening the exposure time is using Clip-Racks. Find out how to change a Standard Rack into a Clip-Rack!

Safety for the operator

Imagine: stretching yourself above a large diameter Liquid Nitrogen vessel and trying to reach and lift a 60 cm rack with a weight over 10 kg with precious samples. Until recently, this used to be the working conditions. Cryo-Lift® proudly introduced the new safety standard in every cryo storage working environment. A user friendly control system in combination with a XY motion ensures lifting samples exact right-angle wherever needed.

User friendly control

An easy to use controller gently moves the racks up and down. The battery charged lift has a clear LED indicator and can perform over 200 lifts per charge. This with a carrying strength of 25 kg! Cryo-Lift already has proven itself in several leading research institutes to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury. Also other frequently diagnosed issues around manually handling Cryo Racks like CANS (Complaints of Arm, Neck and/or Shoulder) were eliminated by Cryo-Lift.

Why choose Cryo-Lift®

Reduces sample exposure to ambient air.

Proven prevention against Repetitive Strain Injury.

Long life battery.

Heavy duty lift (25 kg load).

Complete room coverage with XY motion device.

Easy to install.

Adapters available for different racks, canisters and trays.

Available in standard dimension packages as well as customized to any room.

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Change your Standard Rack into a Clip-Rack

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